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We offer Four Point Inspections: $125  

as well as Wind Mitigation Inspections: $125

-Discounted: $75 each 

These inspections are a condensed version of our Home Inspection and are often required for homeowners insurance. A four point inspection reports to the insurer on the function and safety of the 4 main systems of the property: Roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. This is the baseline for insurability. 

The wind mitigation inspection is the chance for the property to prove how it would most likely hold up in high wind situations. Various attributes of the property may qualify the home for discounted premiums. Often times the findings from these inspections can save a homeowner hundreds in premiums, however every insurer is different. We send the report directly to your insurer for review so you have less leg work to do. Call: 386-235-2119 for scheduling.


DBPR Lic # HI12426 


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