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Home Inspections

Our Primary goal is to get you as informed as you possibly can be on the property. Our custom inspection reports show you as the consumer the no nonsense, easy to understand, detailed home inspection reports that we stand behind. In the digital format we run both photos and use videos to further explain deficiencies we may find in the roof, attic, insulation, ceilings, walls, floors, foundation, electrical, plumbing, well we could go on and on. 

Our guaranteed prices by square footage


2500sqft - 3000sqft...… $475

3000sqft - 4000sqft...… $550

4000sqft - 5000sqft….. $625


Condo- Subtract $100 unless there is an accessible roof.

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Following the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards of practice, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the most comprehensive and thorough inspection possible. We condense this information into an easy to view digital format containing photos and videos.

We inspect hundreds of components during our few hours on site, but to give an overview we inspect: 



The Exterior: We check the grading for proper drainage, Siding for adequate installation, signs of structural damage at the foundation, wood rot, proper window flashing, eves and facias for damage or rot. 

  • Roofing: We look for defects in the roofing material, signs that a roof may be at its end of serviceable life, all protrusions and vents for proper flashing.  

  • Plumbing: Proper materials used, leaks, proper routing of dishwasher drains, sink drains, cross contamination points, proper slope for waste water, safety devices on water heaters, proper temperature of hot water, and check for adequate flow rate. 

  • Electrical: We identify adequate service amperage for application, wire type for safety, proper gauge wiring matched with breakers, proper wiring of main service panel and sub panels, proper grounding and bonding of panels, outlet function and GFCI AFCI function/application for safety.

  • Heating/ Air Conditioning: We note the age of inside and outside units, check for proper temperature output, condition and function of units, proper placement of units, drainage system for inside unit, and if unit appears to have been properly maintained/serviced. 

  • Interiors: We look at ceilings, walls, doors, and floors for signs of bigger issues. We check kitchen cabinets, drawers, and appliances for normal operation. We look at all windows for function and for proper installation. If potential water intrusion is suspected we use moisture meters to identify past or present damage and to determine if it is on going. 

  • Insulation and Ventilation: We enter attic spaces to check for adequate insulation, check truss systems of roofs, identify proper ventilation to aid in extended roof life and ease of conditioning interior spaces. 

  • Fireplaces and Fuel Burning Appliances: We check fireplaces for defects, proper dimensions, and flue operation for safety. Gas supplied homes for appropriate materials used, safety devices in place, and check for proper ventilation/combustion air requirements.  

  • Pools and Spas: Analysis of the pool's system includes checking the pump/filter assembly, valve operation, proper electrical grounding, lighting fixtures for safety, safety devices such as barricades and drain systems, grading, and deck structure. 


Infrared Technology

With each home inspection we provide an infrared scan of the ceiling structure to identify if adequate insulation exists in the home. This tool also allows us to identify other issues such as moisture intrusion and to help us further identify defects we may not be able to see with the naked eye.

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