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Our home maintenance checkup is a unique service we offer. Most inspection companies will examine a property- one and done. However, we feel a more personalized approach is in order. With each home inspection we offer a return visit. We take your inspection report and compare it to the property within a years time. We will check up on items which need monitoring and give advice as to where continued attention needs to be applied. We walk homeowners through the process of what is involved in homeownership. From how to change AC filters, to how to keep that stubborn drain flowing correctly. Our annual maintenance checkup is only $225 and includes:

  • AC check and coil clean
  • Irrigation assessment
  • Plumbing leak check
  • Water heater checkup and how to flush out
  • Electrical breaker check
  • Pool evaluation if present
  • How to divert water away from the home
  • Exterior and Interior walkthrough if desired. 

A service call from one of these contractors would excede the cost of our inclusive Home Maintenance Checkup. We offer this service out of loyalty to our customers, because we believe knowledge is power and every homeowner should have the knowledge to preserve their home.